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A Glimpse Inside Chelsea Cain’s Portland

On Monday, I introduced you all to the thrilling & bone-chilling world of Chelsea Cain.  As I mentioned, setting in Cain’s novels are like a character in and of themselves, so I thought it would be perfect to get a real glimpse inside the world of Chelsea Cain’s Portland. Following are just a few of […]

The Party’s Over! Bloggiesta Wrap-Up

I had a very productive Bloggiesta! Ok, so I didn’t get all of my tasks completed, but that’s only because I added new ones!  Here were my initial goals: Clean up images (Not completed) Fix Formatting: (Not completed) Write Reviews: (Wrote 1!) Reply to Comments Completed! Launch Tales of a (Former) Reluctant Reader Completed! Button […]

Bloggiesta: Let’s Get This Party Started!!

It’s the beginning of the new year.  What a perfect time to do a little blog maintenance!  Natasha from Maw Books Blog is once again hosting Bloggiesta, your excuse to spend the entire weekend working on your blog (like you needed one!). To assist you in improving the look of your blog, ten mini-challenges have been […]

Book Spotlight: Wench by Dolen Perkins-Valdez

Situated in the free state of Ohio, Tawawa House offers respite from the summer heat. A beautiful, inviting house surrounded by a dozen private cottages, the resort is favored by wealthy Southern white men who vacation there, accompanied by their enslaved mistresses. Regular visitors Lizzie, Reenie, and Sweet have forged an enduring friendship. They look […]

A Belated Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone! Life caught up with me and I didn’t get a chance to do a 2009 wrap up post! I still wanted to write a short post about new things coming up on Jenn’s Bookshelves: Reading more books from my TBR piles!  This year, I vow to be a bit more selective […]

My Secret Santa Gift Arrived!

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE this time of year!? Today I came home to find a shoebox sitting on my porch. Realizing I would have never purchased a size 7 boot for myself, I realized it MUST be my Secret Santa Gift! I ripped it open (I’m so impatient when it […]

That’s How I Blog!

  Nicole from Linus’s Blanket hosts an amazing Blog Talk Radio Show called “That’s How I Blog“, during which she chats with various bloggers about their lives, how they blog, their favorite books, etc.   She’s chatted with quite a few outstanding bloggers, including: Trish, Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin’? Kathy, BermudaOnion Beth, Beth Fish Reads Michelle, Galley […]

It’s That Time of Year Again! Time for the Book Blogger Holiday Swap!

The holiday swap is a way for book bloggers to connect and celebrate the holiday spirit by sharing gifts. It’s done secret Santa style; all of the participants are randomly assigned a blogger to send a gift to, and these assignments are kept secret until the gift has been delivered. So no one knows who […]

Happy Halloween! Thunder & Blood Winners Announced

First of all, a belated Happy Halloween to you all!  I intended to post yesterday, but with all the festivities I didn’t have the opportunity.  Here are a few pictures of my boys right before we began trick-or-treating: And here are pictures of all the candy obtained after almost three hours of trick-or-treating: After he […]

Harper Teen Relaunches Pitch Black: Books With a Bite!

Harper Teen has recently relaunced their Pitch Black: Books With A Bite Web site, just in time for Halloween!  Find book recommendations based on your “type”: For you “Lovers” out there, Harper Teen suggests Claudia Grey’s Evernight Series or Ellen Schreiber’s Vampire Kisses series.  For the Fighters, check out Diana Peterfreund’s Rampant or Kelley Armstrong’s […]