A Belated Happy New Year!

January 7, 2010 Blog Post 6

Happy New Year, everyone! Life caught up with me and I didn’t get a chance to do a 2009 wrap up post!

I still wanted to write a short post about new things coming up on Jenn’s Bookshelves:

  • Reading more books from my TBR piles!  This year, I vow to be a bit more selective when accepting review copies.  My poor TBR piles are about to collapse and I need to pay some attention to them!


  • My son, John-John, will be launching a new feature entitled “Tales of a Reluctant Reader” in which he will focus on books that interested him, as a reluctant reader.  I still need a button for this feature.  Anyone willing to help out? Also, if you are a publisher or author with a book geared for reluctant readers, John-John is accepting review requests! Simply fill out the Review Request Form.


  • I was recently diagnosed with pigmentary dispersion syndrome.  It’s a mild form of glaucoma.  Basically (if you don’t want details skip the rest of this!) the pressure build-up in my eye is causing the pigment to fleck-off and drift into the black part of my eye.  In addition, I also have a small rupture close to my optic nerve.  I go back to the dr. on the 18th for more tests and to discuss my options.  More than likely, I will have a procedure in which they use a laser to create a small “vent” to help alleviate the pressure.  If this doesn’t work, I will have to use eye drops to alleviate the pressure.  What does this mean? Lots of dr. appointments and not a lot of free time.  So, publishers and authors, if I have agreed to review your book, please be patient with me.


Ok, I think that wraps it up!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

6 Responses to “A Belated Happy New Year!”

  1. Kathy

    So sorry to hear about your eye problems. I think we tend to take our eyes for granted until we have problems with them.

    I’m so excited about John-John’s new feature!

    Happy New Year to you and your family!

  2. Florinda
    Twitter: florinda_3rs

    Oh, that eye problem sounds worrisome. As someone with severe myopia and astigmatism, things that could affect what vision I have always make me anxious. Good luck – I hope it responds well to the treatment!

    And I’m trying to be more attentive to my own TBR stacks this year too. We’ll have to see how that goes :-).

  3. Max Elliot Anderson

    It’s so important to draw attention to reading, and attract reluctant readers to it,especially boys. In fact, I’ve recently completed a feature magazine article on this subject that came out in October, “Help for Struggling, Reluctant Readers.”

    I grew up as a reluctant reader, in spite of the fact that my father published over 70 books. Now I write action-adventures & mysteries, especially for tween boys, that avid boy readers and girls enjoy just as much.

    My blog, Books for Boys http://booksandboys.blogspot.com is dedicated to drawing attention to the importance of reading. And I have a new book, Lost Island Smugglers, coming out in June.

    Keep up your good work.

    Max Elliot Anderson