Product Review: Evernote Triangle Commuter Bag

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I may have mentioned this once or twice before, but I’m a bit of a bag whore. I can admit it. I love bags. I love bags as much (maybe more) than books because bags carry books. So, when I saw the Evernote Triangle Commuter Bag I knew I had to have it.   The $199 price tag was a bit of a shocker.  After reading other reviews, though, I decided it was worth a try.  And, thanks to my wonderful husband, I received one for Christmas.   Well, I received confirmation it had been purchased. The color I wanted (berry) was on backorder. After much, much waiting, I finally have it in my hands.

First, the specs from the Evernote website:

  • Width: 15.7″ (40 cm)
  • Height: 10.25″ (26 cm)
  • Depth at widest point of base: 5.1″ (
  • Width: 14.5″ (36.8 cm)
  • Height: 10.1″ (25.6 cm)
  • Depth: .75″ (1.9 cm)


3 Dividers included for customizing the interior space


And now my thoughts.  First, an image of everything I attempted to store in this bag:


1. 15″ Macbook Air

2. Over-the-ear headphones (in black carrying case)

3. Ipad mini & zippered pouch

3. Power cords (Macbook, Ipad, USB charger)

4. Two external batteries

5. Book

Here’s the interior of the bag before I packed it. Starting from back to front, first there is a sleeve for a laptop or tablet, followed by two small pockets. Finally, the largest compartment of the bag. You can see the dividers (connected by velcro) that are easy to adjust or remove as needed.   The flap also has two zippered pockets on the interior.




And now after I packed the bag:




And the bag closed quite easily:



Despite holding all of these items, this bag is quite streamlined and compact. Not bulky at all, and definitely able to fit in the overhead bins or under the seat of the smallest of airplanes.  The fabric is quite durable and the overall look of the bag makes it appropriate for both a casual or a more formal business environment.  Best of all, the triangle design means it won’t topple over, no matter how many items it holds inside.

All in all, I’d have to say the wait was well worth it. It didn’t arrive in time for me to carry it on my first business trip of the year but I do hope to use it on my next trip  in a few weeks and give it a real world road test!


*Note: this is not a sponsored post. I did not receive compensation for my review of this product.*

17 Responses to “Product Review: Evernote Triangle Commuter Bag”

  1. Michelle

    I want to know what you think of it after you travel with it, whether it is heavy or awkward, etc. I still adore my Aleysha bag but you never know.

    • Jenn
      Twitter: jennbookshelves

      I’ll let you know. I’m heading to Houston in a few weeks. I liked the Aleysha bag, but I need something crossbody.

      • Michelle

        How did this do on the shoulder? I love my Aleysha bag but I do struggle keeping it on my shoulder a lot of the time, especially with coats and when trying to juggle a purse and a lunch bag.

        • Jenn
          Twitter: jennbookshelves

          I carried it cross body and it was perfect. Not too bulky, completely manageable.

    • Jenn
      Twitter: jennbookshelves

      Yes, you can place the files in two places: In the sleeve for laptop/tablet (if you don’t need it), or, if you take out the removable dividers in the main compartment you have one big open space.

  2. Techsticles

    This is my favorite bag of all time. It looks great and everything fits in there. I even bought a JBL Clip that fits into the outside pocket and makes the bag look like a boom box.

    It would have been nice if there was a pass through flap on the backside to fit over luggage but overall the bag is amazing.

  3. Emmeli

    How would you describe the color? It is hard to tell from the pictures whether it is more brown or red. Or maybe burgundy?


    • Jenn
      Twitter: jennbookshelves

      I bought the berry color (like a wine/burgundy). It’s also available in tan & gray.

  4. Colleen
    Twitter: booksnyc

    I am a “bag whore” too – I might have been better off not knowing about this bag!

  5. Shelley

    Is there a luggage handle sleeve on the back of the bag? The question of being able to secure it on my rolling suitcase is the only thing holding me back.

    • Jenn
      Twitter: jennbookshelves

      There isn’t. That said, I just returned from a business trip and it travels wonderfully. Contoured to the body, so not cumbersome/bulky while traveling.

  6. Shannon

    Your review makes me want it even more! Do you think that a non-Mac computer would fit in the computer slot? Does the fabric stretch at all since it is in the back? The other dimensions are fine, but the height on my computer is listed at 1.14 inches so I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to fit it in. Thanks for your help!

  7. Jenn
    Twitter: jennbookshelves

    Yes, I just traveled with my work computer (a Dell laptop) and it worked fine.

  8. Shelley

    I bought it about a month ago and absolutely love it. It’s so well made! It carries well, it wears well, and it’s really suited to a mobile office lifestyle.