The Party’s Over! Bloggiesta Wrap-Up


I had a very productive Bloggiesta! Ok, so I didn’t get all of my tasks completed, but that’s only because I added new ones!  Here were my initial goals:

  1. Clean up images (Not completed)
  2. Fix Formatting: (Not completed)
  3. Write Reviews: (Wrote 1!)
  4. Reply to Comments Completed!
  5. Launch Tales of a (Former) Reluctant Reader Completed! Button has been created (after literally spending hours obsessing over it!) and TFRR will launch later this week!
  6. Clean up Google Reader Completed!



In addition to the goals listed above I also:

  • cataloged review copies I’d received
  • helped out a bunch of bloggers on Twitter with their #bloggiesta questions
  • Helped a dear friend Geri launch her own blog, One More Funny Notion!



Overall, I *only* devoted about 10 hours to Bloggiesta.  Hopefully, with better planning (and perhaps a babysitter or two!) I plan on participating a bit more during the next Bloggiesta.  So, thank you Natasha for yet another outstanding Bloggiesta!!

7 Responses to The Party’s Over! Bloggiesta Wrap-Up

  1. Yay Jenn! Thanks for coming to the fiesta! I can’t wait to read your new reluctant readers feature!

  2. Love this — might have to have my own little bloggiesta!

  3. I don’t think it’s possible to get all blog related tasks done. You did a great job!

  4. Not bad for 10 hours’ work! I totally get the obsessing over the details!

  5. Thank you,Jenn, for all of the help…patience..and steadfast friendship!! Without you..there would be no One More Foggy Notion. Now..when are you gonna start writing my reviews?? :)

  6. Nicole

    Great job Jenn! The button looks fabulous.

  7. Great job! Well worth the time put in!