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Review: Sanctum by Madeleine Roux

Series: Asylum Hardcover: 352 pages Publisher: HarperCollins (August 26, 2014) ISBN: 9780062220998 Source: Library Dan, Abby, and Jordan are still traumatized after the summer they spent at New Hampshire College Prep, formerly Brookline asylum.  Despite their attempts to return to their “normal” lives, their experiences still haunt them.  Then, they each receive a letter from Felix, another […]

Audiobook Review: Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy

Age Range: 10 and up Publisher: HarperCollins; Unabridged edition (April 10, 2007) ISBN-10: 0061341045 Source: Personal copy Twelve-year-old Stephanie is confused when, after her eccentric uncle passes away, she is on the list to attend the reading of the will. There, a stranger appears, a man bundled up in a scarf, coat, and hat.  He’s […]

Mx3 Review: Asylum by Madeleine Roux

Hardcover: 320 pages Publisher: HarperCollins (August 20, 2013) ISBN-10: 0062220969 Source: Personal Copy Sixteen-year-old Dan Crawford is looking forward to starting the summer program at New Hampshire College Prep.  He’s not really part of the “in-crowd” at his high school and he’s looking forward to making some friends before he starts college the following year.  […]

Review: The Enchanted Life of Adam Hope by Rhonda Riley

Paperback: 432 pages Publisher: Ecco (April 23, 2013) ISBN-10: 0062099442 Source: Publisher Seventeen-year-old Evelyn Roe has been given the duty of managing her aunt’s family farm in rural North Carolina. WWII is raging and the family needs to use all resources available to keep up the family horse farm. She discovers what appears to be […]

Mx3 Review: Ten by Gretchen McNeil

Reading level: Ages 13 and up Hardcover: 304 pages Publisher: Balzer + Bray (September 18, 2012) ISBN-10: 0062118781 Source: Publisher Best friends Meg and Minnie have been invited to an exclusive house party on Henry Island. The two friends are looking forward to the weekend’s activities and the time spent together before Meg heads off […]

Frightful Friday: Gravediggers: Mountain of Bones by Christopher Krovatin

Frightful Friday is a weekly meme in which I feature a particularly scary or chilling book that I’ve read that week. This week, I’m featuring a book reviewed by my oldest son, John-John: Gravediggers: Mountain of Bones by Christopher Krovatin! Reading level: Ages 8 and up Hardcover: 336 pages Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books (September 11, […]

Review: The Virgin Cure by Ami McKay

Hardcover: 336 pages Publisher: Harper (June 26, 2012) ISBN-10: 0061140325 Source: Publisher “The most valuable thing a girl possessed was hidden between her legs, waiting to be sold to the highest bidder.  It was never a question of yes or no.  It was simply a matter of which man would have you first.” In 1871 […]

Review: Saving Ruth by Zoe Fishman

Paperback: 304 pages Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks; Original edition (May 1, 2012) ISBN-10: 006205984X Source: Publisher Ruth Wasserman is a young, curly haired Jewish girl living in a small town in Alabama.  All her life, she wanted to be everything she wasn’t: thin, blonde, and popular. Instead, she’s a prisoner to her food obsession and […]

Review: Partials by Dan Wells

After a war against engineered beings identical to humans, known as Partials, human kind is nearly extinct. Roughly 40,000 individuals have survived the virus known as RM. The Partials have retreated, the timing of their return unknown. The plan to repopulate civilization is thwarted when babies are born unable to survive the first few days […]

Review: Prime Suspect 3: Silent Victims by Lynda La Plante

Paperback: 320 pages Publisher: Harper Paperbacks; Reprint edition (January 17, 2012) ISBN-10: 006213441 Source: Publisher Chief Detective Inspector Jane Tennison has finally moved up the ranks; she now leads the Vice Squad. On the first day of her new assignment, she’s presented with a case that may threaten all the work she’s done to build up her career. […]