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Adventures in Parenting: Top Ten Reasons I Love the First Day of School!

Today is the day I’ve been looking forward to since the beginning of summer break: the first day of school. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy a break from helping the boys with homework and all of their extra-curricular activities, I do. That said, in my opinion things are easier, at least for […]

Adventures in Parenting: TMI & Social Media

Wow, it’s been a while since the last Adventures in Parenting post!  Today’s is an important one: parenting & social media. Last week, there was an incident involving my six-year-old son & a disciplinary action taken by the school. I posted it on Facebook & Twitter. That evening, my husband & I got into a […]

Adventures in Parenting: Sharing the Love of Reading

Why yes, it’s been an unreal amount of time since the last time I posted an “Adventures in Parenting” post.  Let’s just say that my parenting life has had so many adventures since the last post, I don’t even know where to start! Those that know me, be it on Twitter, Facebook, or here on […]

Adventures in Parenting: Pride

Readers of this blog know the challenges my husband and I have faced with with our oldest son, John.  John has ADD and in the past this condition has hindered him quite a bit.  He was a reluctant reader and viewed reading as punishment or a chore.  However, within the past year, his attitude has […]

Adventures in Parenting: Trust. How Much Is Too Much?

My husband and I are co-treasurer’s for the PTO at my oldest son’s school.  Fairly often, we rely on John to be our messenger, dropping off checks and other materials in the front office because our work schedules don’t always allow a visit to the school.  Yesterday morning, I asked John to drop off the […]

Adventures in Parenting: Relunctant Readers

  Today’s episode of Adventures in Parenting will take on a more serious note.  Those that know me well know how passionate I am about reading and about getting children excited about reading.  Why am I so passionate?  This  effort was largely due to my oldest son’s problems with reading.  We enrolled John-John in a […]

Adventures in Parenting: Adolescent Love

Since the premiere post for Adventures in Parenting featured my youngest son,  I thought I’d be fair and focus on my oldest son, John (affectionately called John-John), for this episode. One night last week as we were all getting settled for bed, John was up to his usual antics, doing anything he could to avoid […]

Introducing: Adventures in Parenting!

  Adventures in Parenting will be a new weekly feature here at Jenn’s Bookshelves.  The idea was formulated on Twitter (of course!) by Rebecca from The Book Lady’s Blog after she read my tweets about yet another fiasco one of my boys had gotten themselves involved in.  Thus, a new feature was born! The focus of […]