Introducing: Adventures in Parenting!

March 18, 2010 Adventures in Parenting 23


Adventures in Parenting will be a new weekly feature here at Jenn’s Bookshelves.  The idea was formulated on Twitter (of course!) by Rebecca from The Book Lady’s Blog after she read my tweets about yet another fiasco one of my boys had gotten themselves involved in.  Thus, a new feature was born!

The focus of this week’s feature: Vapor Rub!

One night last week (which just happens to be the night before my in-laws were scheduled to arrive!) I was putting my boys to bed.  I went downstairs to put on a new load of laundry.  I was downstairs less than five minues when a minty-fresh odor came wafting down through the air vent.  This air vent leads right into the bedroom of my youngest son, Justin.  Justin is quite the character, always keeps us on our toes.  

After smelling this minty-fresh scent I pondered for a moment.  What on earth could that smell be?  It definitely wasn’t toothpaste.  Then it hit me: VAPOR RUB!!

I ran up the stairs and discovered Justin sitting on his bedroom floor with an empty jar of Vicks Vapor Rub next to him.  He had a mischevious smile on his face.  His hair glistened in the lamplight.  I new instantly what he’d done. 

I took him into the bathroom, undressed him, and stood him in the shower.  I scrubbed and scrubbed his head but the greasy goo just wouldn’t come out. By this time,  Justin was pretty stressed out so I sent him to his bed and logged on to Twitter to find an answer.  I asked my tweople if they new how to remove Vapor Rub from hair.  It’s water-soluable so just rinsing with water wouldn’t work.  At the same time, I googled my question.

I was able to find the remedy at dish soap!  The ingredients in dish soap that remove food & grease from dishes will also remove Vapor Rub from hair!

Justin and I went back into the bathroom and did another thorough cleansing of his hair using some lovely apple-scented dishsoap.  Within minutes, his hair returned to it’s normal state.  Justin continued to smell like an apple-mint combination for the next day or so, but my only other option was to cut all his hair off!

Following are pictures from that night.  While you really can’t see the Vapor Rub in his hair, his face tells it all!

Vapor Rub Head! He's trying hard not to smile for this photo!

Post dish soap! Clearly, no smiles on this face!

Check back next week for the next episode of Adventures in Parenting which will feature: Elementary School Crushes!

23 Responses to “Introducing: Adventures in Parenting!”

  1. Julie P.

    I’ve got one for you too that happened to us this week. My 10 year old daughter fell walking from the kitchen to the dining room. She did a face plant and chipped her front (permanent) tooth! It’s always something.

    • Jenn
      Twitter: jennbookshelves

      Ouch! Oldest has a small chip in his front tooth. His is a permantent tooth as well. Happened during a sparring match at Tae Kwon Do. I think it adds character 🙂

  2. Robin of My Two Blessings

    Oh my goodness. Just a little vapor rub is overwhelming. Can’t imagine a whole jar – my eyes would have been watering. Glad you found a solution. Kids are an adventure!

  3. Kay

    Oh my word! Kids do the darndest things! Wait, I think someone said that. 🙂

    I love the story, Jenn, and will look forward to reading this feature. When you were telling it above, I thought to myself, I would try Dawn because it gets butter off my hands. Vicks is really tough though. Glad he lived through it and you too, Mom!

  4. Lisa

    That is too funny! Luckily he doesn’t have very long hair! It’s definitely when they’re quite that you know you have to be most on your toes.

  5. Swapna Raghu Sanand

    Oh god, I kept smiling while reading about the VapoRub! Kids do these things so often that sometimes we miss it when they start behaving ‘good.’ These are the moments in our kids’ lives that define nostalgia for us when they fly away from their nest. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Callista
    Twitter: callista83

    LOL I have one for you. A few months ago we found my daughter (then 2 1/2) glistening with lube!

  7. Judy Schu

    That is not the typical Justin look. I’ll have to tell Justin at some point that you had your own moments too!
    Love, hugs,and kisses,
    Mama Judy

  8. Lenore
    Twitter: lenoreva

    I was discussing this incident with friends over dinner the other night. They thought it was hilar!

  9. Dawn - she is too fond of books
    Twitter: toofondofbooks

    First of all, your son has the most gorgeous eyes — I bet he can get away with a lot with that wide-eyed stare 🙂

    So glad you found the dishwashing liquid cure (my suggestion of peanut butter would have been a less appealing scent than apple-mint!)