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Guest Post: Stacey Graham, Author of Haunted Stuff: Demonic Dolls, Screaming Skulls & Other Creepy Collectibles

Yesterday, I reviewed Stacey Graham’s latest book, Haunted Stuff: Demonic Dolls, Screaming Skulls & Other Creepy Collectibles.  Today, I’m pleased to welcome her to the blog for a guest post about how she gains inspiration to write about the ghoulish and ghastly!  First, a little about Stacey: I’m a multi-tasking mother of five whose early […]

Guest Post: D.J. MacHale (Guys Read: Other Worlds)

Today I am pleased to welcome D.J. MacHale, one of the contributing authors to Guys Read: Other Worlds for a guest post today. This title, along with the other Guys Read titles, are excellent novels for reluctant readers (especially boys)!  My own son has enjoyed each and every one of them. Stay tuned for his […]

Guest Post & Giveaway: Ania Szado, Author of Studio Saint-Ex

Yesterday I had the pleasure of reviewing Studio Saint-Ex by Ania Szado, an eloquent historical fiction set in 1940s New York City.  Today I have the pleasure of welcoming Ania for a guest post in which she writes about inspiring coincidences behind the writing of her novel.  Writing a novel can be exhilarating but also […]

Mx3 Guest Post: Stacey Graham, author of Girls’ Ghost Hunting Guide

Yesterday, I reviewed Stacey Graham’s witty & informative book, The Girl’s Ghost Hunting Guide. Today, I’m pleased to host a guest post from Stacey about ghost tours and how to tell if they are legit! Perfect timing! Something Wicked This Way Comes: Ghost Tours I love a good ghost tour. I can’t get enough of […]

Mx3 Guest Post: Tamara Thorne Discusses Fear of the Unknown

Tamara Thorne has collected ghost stories, true and fictional, since she saw her first Twilight Zone as a tot, and continues to this day. In addition to writing novels and stories of the paranormal, she also writes non-fiction and is an active ghost hunter. Kenginston recently reissued her novels HAUNTED, CANDLE BAY and MOONFALL in […]

Author Guest Post: Mary Sharratt, Author of Illuminations: A Novel of Hildegard Von Bingen

Yesterday, I reviewed Mary Sharratt’s enlightening historical fiction, Illuminations. Today, I’m pleased to welcome her for a guest post…about the first known description of the female orgasm, written by Hildegard von Bingen herself: Hildegard von Bingen: Reconciling Faith and Science The Western world’s first known description of the female orgasm was written by the 12th […]

Mx3 Guest Post: Author Alma Katsu Recommends Dark Historicals

I’m pleased to welcome Alma Katsu to the blog today. Alma is the author of The Reckoning and The Taker, the first two books in a series. Fan of historical fiction, looking for the perfect dark historical to add to your October reading list? Below Alma presents some of her favorite dark historicals: After my […]

#Mx3 Guest Post: Why Horror by Graham Masterton

Today I’m excited to present you all with a guest post from one of my favorite horror authors, Graham Masterton. Following is a bio taken from his web site: Graham Masterton’s debut as a horror author began with The Manitou in 1976, a chilling tale of a Native American medicine man reborn in the present […]

Guest Post: Roberta Rich, Author of The Midwife of Venice

Yesterday, I reviewed Roberta Rich’s The Midwife of Venice, a truly suspenseful piece of historical fiction. Today, I’m pleased to present a guest post with Roberta on how she came up with the topic for her book. Venice is a jewel box of magnificent buildings, exquisite squares, and beautiful paintings. Or so I thought. Then […]

Author Guest Post: Eva Stachniak, Author of THE WINTER PALACE

Yesterday, I reviewed The Winter Palace by Eva Stachniak.  Today I’m thrilled to present a guest post by Eva about the research she did in writing this book: When I decided to write about Catherine the Great I knew I had to go to St Petersburg and see the city where Catherine spent so many […]