TSS: Week in Review

September 8, 2013 The Sunday Salon 3

Well, we survived the first week of school!  Our oldest started eighth grade and our youngest, third.  Thankfully, the first day was free from drama; I seemed to be more overwhelmed than the boys!

While we had some hints of fall weather, today the temps were back to the average for this time of year. I’m ready for sweater weather!

Despite having just a few reviews posted, it was a busy week on the blog this week. I launched a Mother/Son book club.  Have a son and interested in signing up? We’d love to have you.  I’m hoping to announce a the first selection soon.  The plan is to alternate between younger chapter book type reads and older, middle grade reads.

As far as reviews, I only posted two but both were pretty memorable!  Lexicon  is a must-read for anyone who is a fan of the written (or spoken) word. It’s a book that continues to haunt me, not because it was overly terrifying but because it’s simply outstanding.   I also reviewed The Edge of Normal, a suspense thriller that I particularly enjoyed due to the author’s connection to the story and the fact that the protagonist is a pretty kick-ass young woman.

How was your week? Did you read or review a book you particularly enjoyed?


3 Responses to “TSS: Week in Review”

  1. Shelleyrae

    I just posted a review for The Edge of Normal that I enjoyed too. A mother/son Bookclub is a great idea, I hope it’s a hit!

    Have a great week!

    Shelleyrae @ Book’d Out

  2. Vicki

    Love the idea of a mother/son bookclub. Sadly, my boys are adults now.

    We had a few days of teasing cooler weather, but it’s back to hot and humid. I can’t wait for it to cool down for real!!