TSS: Reading and Recovering!

January 20, 2013 The Sunday Salon 11

A week after being diagnosed with the flu, I’m finally starting to see the light at the end of the long, dark tunnel. I still have a good deal of pain while breathing and still have a slight wheeze, but I’m up and mobile again. Even more importantly, the mental fog that hovered over me while recovering has gone and I can finally get back to reading again!

It was pure torture not being able to read and once the fog started lifting, I noticed a particular sort of book was needed to keep my attention. What is the perfect prescription for that flu/cold read?

  1. Short! Nothing over 250 pages and if it does, it must have a storyline that is intense enough that it keeps my attention. No light and fluffy chick-lit for this girl, I needed something heavy!
  2. Limited characters. ┬áThere is no way my flu-brain could keep track of more than 3-4 characters. Jotting down notes with the characters names, etc., had no value because most of the time my handwriting was so bad I couldn’t read it hours later.
  3. Memorable main character. This individual had to stand out from the rest and characteristics that kept my interest.
  4. Portability. Somewhat linked to Number 1. My body was weak, so weak that I would have to take a nap after doing any sort of physical activity, including walking to/from the kitchen to refill my orange juice. If the book was heavy, no way I could hold it for any considerable amount of time.

So there you have it, my perfect prescription for flu reading. Add a dose of high-interest television (in my case, Downton Abbey and Homeland) and you are on the path to recovery!

What is your prescription for flu/cold reading?


11 Responses to “TSS: Reading and Recovering!”

  1. Nose in a book

    Brain fog allowing, I go for shorter plot-driven books when I don’t feel well. Thrillers are usually a good shout. Or comedy. Hope you continue to feel better.

  2. Allison

    The flu is HORRIBLE and relentless this year. It seems to be worse than ever this year. So sorry you had to go through it.

    Personally, I don’t read when I am sick. I just do a lot of sleeping and watch TV — something that doesn’t require a lot of thought.

    Glad you are feeling better!

  3. Heather M

    Ok, knew about the Downton Abbey. But you watched Homeland too?!? That’s my other favorite these days! At least you had good tv viewing while feeling so awful!

    Glad you’re back to reading. Hope you keep feeling better and get back to your normal self pronto!

  4. CaroG

    Oh poor you!. I talked about this same subject last year here. Personally I don’t have a “sick” book, I just try to continue with whatever I’m reading at the moment. I hope you get better soon. Lots of fluids and rest!

    Here is my post

  5. Mari
    Twitter: marireads

    Ugh, the flu is no fun. Glad you are feeling better. As for reading while sick, it’s whatever I can reach without having to get up. :)

  6. Bryan
    Twitter: unfnshdprsn

    I’m with Allison in that I don’t do any reading when I’m sick. Usually it’s just TV for me, marathons of whatever happens to be catching my fancy at the time. Right now, catching my fancy is The Walking Dead on TV. I want to check out the graphic novels too.

  7. Teddyree

    Sounds like you had a nasty dose, hope you continue to recover and enjoy some good reads while you’re doing so. Sounds like you have a good flu reading plan :)

  8. Melissa
    Twitter: melissawiebe

    I usually don’t read if I am feeling sick; I feel that it takes too much effort to get myself to read.

  9. Becky
    Twitter: BeckyLeJeune

    Sick reading is usually not all that productive on my part. I seem to try and tackle more than I can realistically take on, for one. No one kind of book seems to fit my reading pattern for those periods, though I have occasionally found that books with super weird aspects are highly entertaining while on cold meds! (Dahlquist’s GLASS BOOKS OF THE DREAM EATERS was a cold read.)

  10. Susan

    KNock on wood I havent had the flu this season, but not sure I would read that much if I did. Downton Abbey would be the perfect prescription. or Good Wife.