TSS: In Which I Succumb to the Flu

January 13, 2013 The Sunday Salon 6

So you may have noticed (or not) that the blog has been quiet this week. On Wednesday I was diagnosed with bronchitis, yet I still hopped on a plane for a business trip that afternoon. As you know, airplanes are pretty much airborne cattle cars, overflowing with germs and illness. I was sent home by my supervisor after spending two days in Milwaukee and began a twenty-four hour insane attempt to get home. I left Friday afternoon, finally arrived home yesterday afternoon. My connection in Charlotte was cancelled, forcing me to stay the night there before catching a flight the next morning. This is the point I should mention that I was feverish, coughing, and felt like I’d been run over by a truck. After finally arriving home yesterday afternoon, after my husband’s insistence, I returned to the doctor. I knew my bronchitis had advanced to something much more; after taking antibiotics for four days I wasn’t feeling a bit of relief, I was actually feeling worse.

So, I have the flu. It’s not pretty. I don’t remember ever feeling as bad as I do right now. They can’t treat the flu, just hopefully lessen the symptoms a bit. The doctor says I’m on the cusp of the “worst days.” If what I’m experiencing now is supposed to be light, I have a problem. While I’m getting quite a bit of reading done since I don’t have the energy to do much else, please be patient while I catch up with my posts.

With that, I’m retiring to my reading chair, a mug of coffee, and a good book.


6 Responses to “TSS: In Which I Succumb to the Flu”

  1. rhonda

    Feel better my bronchitis turned into flu last year takes awhile to bounce back.lots of bed rest..can’t believe your Dr.allowed you to fly

  2. Yvonne@FictionBooks

    Hi Jenn,

    Loads of people say that they have had ‘flu, but until you really get it, you have no idea quite what it is like. I had it last year and like yourself, felt remarkably like I had been run over by a truck. As your doctor says, there really is no cure for it, just rest, rest and more rest!!

    I wish you well and definitely no work until you feel much better. I tried it and it knocked me right back where I started from, if not a little worse!

    Best Wishes, Yvonne

  3. Samantha

    Yuck! I hope that you feel better soon :/ At least you are finding some quality reading time in but I hope that you start feeling better!!!!