Fall Preview: September 2013

August 24, 2013 Bookish Chatter 6

Last night, I had the pleasure of joining Katie and Swapna as we discussed the books we were most looking forward to this fall.  It was a pretty daunting task,  I must say! We only had an hour to accomplish this. In total, our combined list had 52 books!

Since my list was quite long I’m going to break it up into a few posts, starting with books I’m recommending that come out in September. Hopefully, this post will give you time to preorder an of these books that pique your interest or request them from your local library. I’ve included a small blurb about each book. A review of each is certain to follow.

MaddAddam by Margaret Atwood: I don’t think this recommendation requires much explanation. The stunning conclusion to the trilogy that started with Oryx and Crake and The Year of the Flood. Absolutely beautiful storytelling.  While Atwood does provide a bit of backstory, I really do recommend that you start at the beginning of the trilogy.

The Edge of Normal by Carla Norton: Ten years ago Reeve was abducted and held captive. She was able to escape and has spent the last six years trying to get her life back to normal.  When she is asked by her therapist to help another girl in a similar situation, Reeve cannot refuse. Soon, however, she realizes that one of the men responsible for this girl’s disappearance is still on the loose, following their each and every move. A chilling psychological thriller


Burial Rites by Hannah Kent: Inspired by a true story of the final days of a young woman accused of murder.  Set in Iceland in 1929.  Despite being convicted of murder, Agnes was never given the opportunity to tell her side of the story. A stunning debut about how one’s fate can be determined by the stories of others.


Help for the Haunted by John Searles: Sylvie’s parents have an unusual occupation: they help haunted souls find peace.  One evening, they receive a strange phone call and leave the house, lured to an old church on the outskirts of town.  Upon entering the church, they are brutally murdered.  A year later, Sylvie is now living with her older sister, who may have played a part in her parents’ death. She’s determined to find out what happened that night. In doing so, she uncovers secrets about her family’s past that have haunted them for years.

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King: The book I have been anticipating for years. Stunning sequel to the classic The Shining. My life will essentially be put on hold the instant I receive this book.




Come back tomorrow when I share the October releases I highly recommend!  How about you? Are there any books coming out in September you are really looking forward to?

6 Responses to “Fall Preview: September 2013”

  1. Anita
    Twitter: anitalovesbooks

    I’m happy to say I have 2 of these books in my plans to read, sadly The Edge of Normal isn’t…and dang it sounds good!! I’ve got Burial Rites and Help for the Haunted are in my hands…yay! I’m unsure on the Stephen King…don’t hate me. I’m thinking I’ll get to it at some point.
    Looking forward to the rest of your list!

  2. rhonda

    Read&loved Burial Rites fascinating story.adding rest to,my the pile.

  3. drey

    I was so excited about MaddAddam, I hadn’t realized it was part of a trilogy. No worries though, Oryx and Crake is on the way to my house! 🙂

    Burial Rites is on my list, too, as is Kinslayer (YA steampunk/fantasy), Find Me (YA dystopia), Plague Forge (dystopia), Chimes at Midnight (urban fantasy), The Shogun’s Daughter (historical fiction), Steelheart (dystopia?), The Grim Company (fantasy), The Dream Thieves (YA), The Burning Sky (fantasy)… I so need September to be way longer than 30 days! 😛