A Month in Review: February 2013

Books Reviewed

Total books reviewed: 12

*Pick(s) of the month: February was such a pretty stellar reading month for me. Out of the 12 books reviewed, there were only a few I found to be “meh” or less than exciting. Looking forward to another great reading month!

Special Events

Earlier this month, I hosted The Big Game’s On Superbowl Read-a-thon! I had a lot of fun; I hope those who participated did as well!

Upcoming Events!

Next Friday I’ll be celebrating my five year blogging anniversary! Would it be wrong to create a book registry of sorts so I can get gifts!? Kidding! (Mostly!)


How about you? What were your favorite books of February?

6 thoughts on “A Month in Review: February 2013

  1. Yay! I can’t wait to celebrate virtually with you. My blogging world would be so empty if you weren’t a part of it. And you’re also evidence of how the virtual world spills over into the real world…virtual friend and even better, real life friend!

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