The Big Game’s On Read-a-thon: The Kick Off!

February 3, 2013 The Big Game's On! Read-a-thon! 13

It’s finally here, the kick-off for The Big Game’s On Read-a-thon!  Although the official Superbowl kick-off isn’t for several hours yet, I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to start reading if they choose! There’s still time to sign-up if you haven’t already!

Please enter the link to your kick-off post below.  Discuss the books you are planning to read, the food you are planning to snack on, etc.  Since this is a completely laid back, relaxed read-a-thon, feel free to do it any way you chose! No blog, no worries! Just share your plans in the comments below.

For example, following is the stack of books I plan to get through today. I also have a bunch of ebooks on my tablet:

As far as food goes, I’ll start out with our traditional Sunday breakfast (cinnamon rolls) before moving on to the veggies & nuts I hope to snack on during the day. When game time rolls around, it’s on to the game food: wings, spinach dip, mini tacos, mac & cheese balls, & more. I’m certain we have far too much food!

Ok, back to the guidelines!

If you are following/participating on Twitter, the official hashtag is #superbowlreadathon!  Cheer on those who are reading, join in with your own reading plans!

Be sure to check back periodically throughout the day for fun updates & a mini-challenge! Special prizes will also awarded to participants who earn MVP status! Stay tuned for more information!

13 Responses to “The Big Game’s On Read-a-thon: The Kick Off!”

  1. Tammi

    Going to use the comments instead of my blog. Hope that’s ok! My first goal is to finish Lover Unleashed (book 9 in Black Dagger Brotherhood series). Have about 150 pages left. I’m a pretty slow reader, so if I finish that and start a new book – I will be thrilled – LOL. I also have a 10 year old who loves, loves, loves football (just like me), so I’m sure I’ll get sucked into watching the game with him. As far as food – lots of junk in the house for tonight’s game: potato skins, wings, spinach/artichoke dip, pizza bites, pigs in the blanket, chips and dip, etc. And wine! Gotta have wine! Should probably start with a healthy breakfast! Maybe some fruit!

  2. Heather M

    Busy day with meetings, church, and I actually LOVE football and will be watching the game. That being said, I am going to read here and there. Wanting to participate in spirit at least, and hoping to get through a bit of the book club book IN NEED OF A GOOD WIFE. Woke up early enough to knock offa quick 25 pages. Now off to meetings. I’ll update via twitter and/or comments since I have no blog.

    Good reading to everyone!!

  3. icefireski

    I have heard great things aboutthat series. I have been meaning to pick I up and had forgotten about it til I saw your comment!

  4. Melanie

    I’m working my way through Laurent Binet’s HHhH, with breaks for some Les Mis (I’m reading it throughout the year & posting about it. 1/12 through already!) and a romance anthology Midnight Scandals.

    I’m not a game-watcher (well, I live w/ 3 guys – one of them will surely turn it on at some point) but I am a snacker. So far it’s lots of cups of tea and once I go to the store (which is probably an unwise thing to have left until Superbowl Sunday morning, huh?) I will have plenty more.

  5. Teri

    Good morning all! I plan to read “The Secret Life of Bees” and I will be spending some time with a devotional I read called Streams in the Desert and my Bible. Don’t have special food snack plans – but will be making some smoked pork chops for supper.

    Happy Reading Day!

  6. Anna

    If it’s okay, I’m going to use the comments instead of my blog. I plan on finishing Sabriel by Garth Nix and then reading Lireal by Garth Nix, The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary E. Pearson and finishing The Immortals Series by Tamora Pierce. As far as food, I will start with a healthy breakfast, left over primavera for lunch and dinner, and snacks will consist of popcorn, chips, and cupcakes.

  7. ErinRagan

    Hi all!! I think I’m finally ready to start reading… maybe! lol Finishing up Kristen Ashley’s Rock Chick this morning. Then I’ll try to resist buying the rest of the books in that series and actually read one of the millions of other books that I already own!

  8. Randi M

    I’m going to have to scurry over to Goodreads and check out these books! Also, I’m pretty sure I should have picked up more snacks. Mini tacos sound great! And mac & cheese balls?! YUM.

  9. Randi M

    Sadly no Trader Joe’s here. 🙁 Options include Wal-Mart and the local grocery store. I’ll make do, though. At least I remembered to buy a bag of Dove chocolate! 😉