The Big Game’s On Readathon: Pre-Game

February 2, 2013 The Big Game's On! Read-a-thon! 1

Before the big game begins tomorrow, I wanted to go over a few “rules”, which aren’t really rules per se but to go along with the whole football game theme I’ve got to stick to the terminology!

  • The read-a-thon officially runs all day tomorrow, February 3rd.  Sign up here!
  • You do not have to spend the entire day reading. Read an hour here or there, no pressure.
  • A kick-off post will go up tomorrow at 6 am.  Again, no pressure, just do your post whenever you feel like it.
  • A wrap-up post will go up first thing on Monday morning.
  • Mini-challenge posts will pop up periodically throughout the day.  Feel free to participate in as many as you like, but again, these are not mandatory.
  • Prizes will be awarded for participation in the mini-challenges.

Ok, I think that covers it!  Easy peasy, right? Check back tomorrow morning for the official kick-off post!

One Response to “The Big Game’s On Readathon: Pre-Game”

  1. Anita
    Twitter: anitalovesbooks

    I’m ready! I have to work until 3 but them I’m on board.