Thankfully Reading Weekend Mini-Challege #2: Photograph Your TBR Shelves

November 27, 2010 Thankfully Reading, Thankfully Reading Weekend 17

Today, Candace from Beth Fish Reads hosts the second challenge of Thankfully Reading Weekend:

Today’s mini-challenge is to share a photograph of your TBR pile or at least one bookshelf. I know some of you already posted some photos of the books you hope to read this weekend, but I’d like to see more books. You can show older books, your kids’ books, or new books. You can show a boring old bookcase (like I did) or you can photograph something fun. If you want, feel free to vlog. Either way, Show Me the Books!

I attempted to do a vlog of my bookshelves.  Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on who you are!) my husband is currently watching college football. He was doing a bit of yelling in the background, not using the most appropriate of words!  So instead, I share with you photographs of the majority of my bookshelves!

The first is my horror bookshelf.  My husband isn’t very happy that it’s set up in our living room, but now at least it’s behind the chaise part of our couch and not as obvious as it used to be!

The next is my mix-mash shelf, also in our living room.  It started off as a bookshelf to hold my leather-bound classics & some of my favorite books as a child (including the Little House on the Prairie series!).  Then I added my YA books and my “vampire books” (Anne Rice, Sookie Stackhouse, Vampire Diaries” were also added.  So, it doesn’t make much sense anymore.

Finally, we have the largest shelf I own, one we purchased from Ikea over the summer.  Another mix-mash of books. The top two rows of shelves have some of my favorite crime fiction, fiction, & YA books.  The bottom two contain ARCs and other upcoming books on my TBR shelves.

Oh, I’d be remiss not to add a picture of Jack, one of my reading buddies.  Now that I have a chaise to sit in while reading, he lays at the bottom of my feet and sleeps while I read.

So there you have it! Not nearly as exciting as a vlog but fun nonetheless!

17 Responses to “Thankfully Reading Weekend Mini-Challege #2: Photograph Your TBR Shelves”

  1. Beth F
    Twitter: BethFishReads

    Your horror shelves are awesome. Wow — what a collection. I’m so impressed. The rest of your bookcases reflect mine: no real organization except top-priority review copies.

    Jack looks like he’d be good company when you’re curled up on the couch to read.

  2. Leslie
    Twitter: undermyappletre

    Wow. When I see an overflowing shelf like that I just want to start browsing through it.

  3. Pam

    This is seriously my favorite challenge ever. I LVE looking at stacks of books and the way everyone organizes theirs. I’m organized in SO little of my actual life that I’m mazed to find that my bookshelves are, indeed, fairly organized. Oh and I would never be able to vlog during a football game in our house…mostly because I’d be yelling, too…oops! ;O)

  4. Jen Forbus
    Twitter: jenforbus

    Fun stuff to get an inside look at everyone’s shelves. And isn’t it great to have reading companions? My cats keep my lap warm while the dogs keep vigil! A family that reads together…;-)