A Belated BBAW Interview with Such A Book Nerd

September 15, 2010 Book Blogger Appreciation Week (BBAW) 7

Yesterday’s book blogger interview swaps were so popular, the BBAW committee was contacted yesterday by a few individuals who still wanted to participate.  I agreed to help out  and so today I present you with an interview with Jamie from Such a Book Nerd (don’t you love that  name!?)

Here’s some info about Jamie:

I live in Chicago and read way too much.

Books are my favorite hobby, and I’m here to write about them, things pertaining to them, people who write them, and other things I think might be of interest to fellow bibliophiles.

And on to the interview!  To make things easier, my questions are in bold, Jamie’s answer are italicized.

 When did you start blogging & why? 
I started blogging while in college, largely because it seemed like a fun way to make a sort of  living diary.  It’s been years since then, and I’ve continued blogging about my life, but only recently have I turned my focus purely to book blogging, which has already been really rewarding and fun.

Has your reading style changed since you started blogging?
Blogging about books has definitely made me read more critically.  Also, it’s made me pre-plan what I’m reading, which isn’t something I typically do. I’m definitely a “Walk into Borders and grab what looks interesting” kind of reader, but now there’s a little advance planning involved. (Like with the upcoming Banned Books Week, I really want to read something from the most-challenged list.)

What’s a genre you typically don’t read and why?
I don’t read a lot of crime novels, and really – I’m not sure why.  When I do read them, I’m always riveted, but I guess by nature I tend to flock more to classics and non-fiction books.  (I’m open to suggestions, though!)

Name a book that you loved, but felt didn’t get the publicity it deserved.
There’s a really wonderful book about Percy Shelley, Mary Shelley, and Lord Byron called “The Monsters.”  Granted, it’s about a small circle of literary people, so the niche can’t be that huge, but I think it’s so wonderful and no one’s ever heard of it.  Heck, I got my copy at a used book store for probably four bucks.
On the other side, is there a book you feel didn’t deserve the publicity it received?
While I understand it’s importance and Kerouac’s influence, I just don’t get all the hype around “On the Road.”  I read it, and understood that it’s well-written and must have seemed groundbreaking, but maybe I’m just of the wrong generation…who knows?

Looking at your blog, I see that you attend a fair amount of author events.  Which was your favorite and why?
Recently, Alison Arngrim from “Little House on the Prairie” came to speak at a Borders in Chicago, and  I attended. She was really funny, and I loved her book.  There wasn’t any sugar-coating when she talked. She’s blatant and hysterical and it’s great.

Do you read ebooks? If no, why?
I don’t yet – I love ink and paper. However, I’m probably going to wind up with a Kindle soon.  Purely because we’re running out of bookcase room in our apartment.

Care to share something that no one else knows about you?
I’ve never finished “Anna Karenina.” Sssh! Tell no one.

What are some of the books you are looking forward to?
Hands down, the book I’m most looking forward to is Sarah Vowell’s new book, “Unfamliar Fishes.”  It’s about the conquest/settlement of Hawaii as a U.S. State.  A) I love Vowell, and B) I just returned from Hawaii and have learned a lot about the mixed feelings that are still lingering over there about the whole being a state vs being a sovereign nation thing.

There you have it!  Be sure to check out Such a Book Nerd later today to see my answers to her interview questions!

7 Responses to “A Belated BBAW Interview with Such A Book Nerd”

  1. Marie

    Great interview! I enjoy crime novels but rarely read them as well. :-) I can’t wait to check out her blog now!

  2. Alex
    Twitter: hawaiibookblog

    Jamie, I’m completely with you on “Unfamiliar Fishes”. Months ago when I first heard Sarah Vowell was writing a book about Hawaii, I couldn’t wait for it to come out. Now it’s only another six months away and I’m already antsy!

    I’ll be interested in reading your take on it, especially from an outsider’s perspective who has visited Hawaii and has learned a little about some of the grievances the Kanaka Maoli have.

  3. redhead

    great interview! I’m just now finding time to read a lot of these, so if they went up a day or two late, i’ll never know. :)

    sshhh, don’t tell anyone, i also had an unfinished copy of Anna Karenina on my shelves for years. and years. finally gave it away.

  4. Valerie
    Twitter: ValerieAndBooks

    wow, “The Monsters” sounds good (i just looked it up on amazon for more info). I just added it to my TBR list!