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August 18, 2010 Bookish Chatter 40

Hello from District 8!  While my District technically produces textiles, I thought I’d touch on another bit of info from Hunger Games and Catching Fire: the animals of Panem!
Panem has a wide range of interesting wildlife!

Jabberjays are birds created to spy on enemies of the Capitol. They were like voice recorders with wings, they  had the unique ability to memorize and repeat whole human conversations, and were used to gather words from the rebels. The citizens of the Districts soon discovered this, and instead began using jabberjays to spread lies to the Capitol. It wasn’t until later on in the games that the Capitol started using jabberjays again; tributes were fooled with voices they recognized from home, spoken by the jabberjays.

Mockingjays When the Capitol decided to stop using jabberjays, the birds were left in the woods to die.  But instead of perishing, they began mating with the local mockingbirds, thereby creating mockingjays. Like mockingbirds, mockingjays have the ability to duplicate things they hear, in this case songs.  Wearing a mockinjay on your clothing is a sign of rebellion: the Capitol not only failed to destroy their creation, but instead it came back better than before.  Rebels were able to identify Katniss in the woods outside District 12 due to her mockingjay pin.

Another #fail for the Capitol-when people saw Katniss wearing her mockingjay pin, they started wearing them too.  They saw it as a sign of fashion, but in reality it was spreading the popularity of the rebellion.

Muttation-this is a broad range of animals, created by the Capitol for use as weapons, etc.  Jabberjays & mockigjays are technically muttations (mutts for short) , as are tracker jackers, genetically-altered wasps trained to kill & destroy.  They are much larger than normal wasps, and their poisonous venom causes delusions.  Other nameless muttations made an appearance in Hunger Games and Catching Fire, including monkey creatures with deep, deadly claws & butterflies that appeared beautiful but wielded a deadly stinger.

I can’t wait to see what interesting animal creations make an appearance in Mockingjay!  What do you think? Can you come up with an unusual muttation or animal? Is it the friend or foe of the tributes?

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40 Responses to “Mockingjay District 8 Tour Stop & Giveaway”

  1. Jen Forbus
    Twitter: jenforbus

    I’m one of those crazy souls who haven’t read this series, but the muttations is an interesting concept, almost like mythology and the beasts, demigods, etc., that emerged there.

  2. Deb
    Twitter: definitelydeb

    Love this series. Can’t wait for book 3 !!!

    Good luck everyone!

  3. lulilut
    Twitter: lulilut

    I enjoyed reading your post about the muttations.
    It was fun trying to think up my own “mutt”. I came up with crickets genetically altered to mimic classical music when they chirp.
    I’ll call them Chopincrickets.

  4. kristen j

    When the muttations came out who resembled the deceased tributes in Book 1, I literally gasped out loud! It scared the crud out of me! 🙂

  5. Shelby

    I think an animal muttation that will appear in Mockingjay will have something to do with nuclear/radioactive abilities, since, my guess is this book will mostly take place at District 13, which mainly worked with nuclear bombs, or something like that

  6. Natalie
    Twitter: Normal2Natalie

    I can’t wait to see what the capitol has in store but i am rooting for Katniss and the other rebels to win control! can’t wait to see what kind of animals emerge from district 13!

  7. janflora
    Twitter: janflora

    Very excited about this release 🙂 I may have to fight my son for who reads it first! Actually, this is one of the times he recommended a book to me and I loved it! Read both books in a week and pre-ordered MJ already. I would love to give him a special gift too 🙂 *fingers crossed*

  8. Rebel of D13

    Oh no, not the topic of mutts. Believe it or not, in the dark, desolated and forgotten land of the district 13 (what’s left of it), mutts lurk everywhere. Some of the mutts are new breeds from engineered animals such as the jabberjays and tracker jackers. However, a lot of mutts are the byproduct of the war. The lingering radiations from the mini-nukes have mutated the animals in the district over the years. The most common mutts of all is the squakers. The squakers used to be wild geese, but now they’re deadly ducks feed on tiny animals. We hunt them not for food, but to keep them away from our food sources. A full grown squaker can be big as an ostrich, if it’s trained properly, they can be excellent messengers.

    We have a special unit in our rebel forces to train the squakers into bombers. I know the idea is sickening, but considering the Capitol is well financed by the rich, we have to use what little we have. The time is near, soon we’ll release the mockingjays and unleash the ultimate assault on the Capitol!

  9. Lauren

    I know you’re not the first district to post a topic other than “Who Will Katniss Choose?” but I want to thank you for drawing upon a part that isn’t explored often in The Hunger Games.

  10. Gretchen

    Another impressive animal from District 13 are the Knarls. They’re dog-like creatures, with long back legs, like humans on their hands and feet. They can walk on their back feet, and on two feet they stand seven feet tall. Kind of like werewolves, only they’re strictly canine, and have no human influence, other than the radioactivity. They’re skinny, and look malnourished, but that’s the mutt part. They have long black fur, big yellow eyes, and a howl that would scare the bravest of men. They’re excellent hunters, and trackers. They can take down prey twice their size by themselves, and in a group they’re almost impossible to defend from. They can be trained, but it’s very dangerous, and takes a lot of caution and patience. Once trained they are incredible hunting dogs, and watch dogs for the rebels. They’ll attack any one they don’t know, so be careful if you invite friends over. If trained, they can be a very good asset when it comes to fighting the Capitol. If they fail to scare the Capitol to death, they’ll kill them to death. 😉

  11. Em

    I hate to be a complainer but…you should really rethink the whole “no PO Boxes” thing. For many people, like myself, who live in rural areas of the U.S., a PO box is the only option we have.

  12. Santana Stout(:
    Twitter: district6-tribute

    I reallllyyy love The Hunger Games. So much, that I actually am writing Fanfiction for it! Plus, I’ve had a certain Hunger Games character’s name on my phone signatuure for four months now(: It would be amazing to get these!

  13. Deb
    Twitter: SharonMacross

    The Chimeras freaked me out when I read about them.

    I like cute and cuddly things so if they could make a cat that was intelligent and could fly… that’d be awesome; Or create a Pegasus! =D

  14. Deb
    Twitter: SharonMacross

    Really random but you commented on the Mockingjay District 8 Tour Stop right before I did and I couldn’t help but read that you’re writing a fanfiction. I adore and am so addicted to ff. Where are you (or thinking about) posting? Why kind of fic are you writing? Anyway, good luck!

  15. Deb
    Twitter: SharonMacross

    Really random but you commented on the Mockingjay District 8 Tour Stop right before I did and I couldn’t help but read that you’re writing a fanfiction. I adore and am so addicted to ff. Where are you (or thinking about) posting? Why kind of fic are you writing? Anyway, good luck!

  16. Amanda

    Exactly! I submitted my entry with my P.O. Box, then realized that you will not accept P.O. Boxes. My city is too small for them to be bothered to deliver our mail, and everyone has to have a P.O. Box. It doesn’t cost any extra to send to it, so I don’t understand why it isn’t an acceptable form of mailing address as the U.S. Government has made this the only option I have…

    • Jenn
      Twitter: jennbookshelves

      The item will be sent by the agency running this blog tour for Scholastic, not me personally. Generally, these items are sent via UPS. UPS does not ship to PO Boxes. This is not my rule, but I have to stick to it.

  17. Bella F
    Twitter: bellafranco

    honestly I don’t think I could come up with any creation better than muttations, which of course are foes, but those things are so wonderfully horrible! and I like being surprised like that.

  18. Faith
    Twitter: faith250

    This is great! I love this tour so much. 😀 Thank you for the giveaway!

  19. Liviania
    Twitter: wearedevilcow

    The animals of Panem remind me of the animals of Avatar: TLA, in that they’re pretty much combinations of animals we’re used to. Of course, in Panem they’re far more vicious.

  20. Misty

    Like many people, I am assuming District 8 is the Detroit (Michigan) area, in which case, I am a District 8er. Let’s hear it for cold, industrial District 8!!!

  21. Rebel of D13

    I believe the winners are notified via e-mail, not posted here. Well, I didn’t win 🙁

    To my surprise the teams of squaker bombers were even mentioned in the book 🙁 It’s a shame, because they fought hard toward the end, especially eradicating those deadly pods! I did feel ashamed of following Coin blindly, but Operation Mockingjay was successful and that’s all it matters for now…

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