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Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway: Reunion by Therese Fowler

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Nineteen year-old Harmony Blue Kucharski is single, alone, and pregnant. She opts to put her son up for adoption. She had a difficult childhood and only wants the best for her son.

Twenty years later: Blue Reynolds is a very successful Chicago-based talk show hostess. She has everything that money can buy, everything but happiness. During the taping of a teen pregnancy show, Blue loses herself and begins to defend a young pregnant teen that is a guest of the show. Blue realizes what she’s missing in her life: knowing what happened to her son. She hires a private investigator to find the location and name of her son’s adoptive parents. He finds the location of the daughter of her midwife, and begins sending her money in return for her medical file.

While taping an episode of The Blue Reynold’s Show in Key West, Blue is reunited with Mitch Forrestor, her former English Professor. They had a relationship twenty years ago, and the dissolution of this relationship is what caused blue (then Harmony Blue) to rebound and find herself pregnant. Is this reunion Fate’s way of telling her to fight to regain everything she lost those decades ago?

When Blue decides to help Mitch produce his literary documentary, Literary Lions, Blue meets his thirty-something son, Julian. Julian puts a bit of a kink in Mitch and Blue’s potential relationship.

When her past is revealed, Blue must quickly decide just how much she is willing to relinquish in order to find true happiness. Reunion tells a a story that pulled me in during the first few pages. Blue’s character is a strong and honest one. One can’t help but feel for her and everything she was forced to experience in life. The secondary characters are extremely well-developed as well and serve as a backbone to the storyline. All of the characters are human, they have natural faults real challenges they are forced to address. The tale that Reunion portrays is a powerful one. Fowler’s writing paints the setting of Key West as if it were a painting that is being unveiled before our eyes. The imagery and detail pulls the reader into the story. I felt the sun beating on my face, smelled the warm ocean breeze. The ending leaves me begging for a sequel so I can follow the characters on their journey of rediscovery

Reunion is the perfect book to take along with you to the beach, or in my case, to read on a rainy day.

About the Author

Therese Fowler is the author of Souvenir. She holds an MFA in creative writing. She grew up in Illinois and now lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, with her husband and two sons. You can visit Therese Fowler’s website at


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