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Review: The Other Typist by Suzanne Rindell

Hardcover: 368 pages Publisher: Amy Einhorn Books/Putnam (May 7, 2013) Language: English ISBN-10: 9780399161469 The year is 1923. As a typist in a New York City Police Department precinct, Rose Baker can seal the fate of an individual within a few keystrokes. While she’s dictating testimony or a confession, she wields all the power. Outside […]

Review: The Trial of Fallen Angels by James Kimmel, Jr.

Hardcover: 384 pages Publisher: Amy Einhorn Books/Putnam (November 8, 2012) ISBN-10: 039915969X Source: Publisher Brek Cuttler has the life people pine for: an adoring husband, a beautiful baby girl and a successful law practice. That all changes when she awakes on an empty train platform, blood covering her clothing. She soon realizes she has died […]

Review: City of Women by David R. Gillham

Hardcover: 400 pages Publisher: Amy Einhorn Books/Putnam (August 7, 2012) ISBN-10: 039915776X Source: Publisher Set in 1943 Berlin, the midst of World War II, the majority of the men have been sent to the battlefront. Berlin has essentially become a city of women: wives, mothers, sisters of German soldiers living off of rations and meager […]

Review: A Good American by Alex George

Hardcover: 400 pages Publisher: Amy Einhorn Books/Putnam (February 7, 2012) ISBN-10: 039915759X Source: Publisher It’s 1904. Frederick, a junior clerk in a small bank, falls in love with Jette, the daughter a woman striving to use her daughter’s future husband as a means to elevate herself in society. Needless to say, Frederick doesn’t exactly live up to Jette’s […]

Review: If Jack’s In Love by Stephen Wetta

Hardcover:368 pages Publisher:Amy Einhorn Books/Putnam (September 29, 2011) ISBN-10: 0399157522 Source:  Publisher The Witcher house was the one house in the neighborhood everyone avoided. I was falling apart, dogs always roamed in the yard. Twelve-year-old Jack Witcher lives in that house, along with low-life, pot-smoking brother Stan, his frequently unemployed father & his beautiful, hard-working […]