2018 Big Game’s On Read-a-athon: Postgame

February 5, 2018 The Big Game's On! Read-a-thon! 2

I sincerely hope everyone who participated (officially or unofficially) in the #biggamereadathon enjoyed themselves!  It’s time to report back on our success!  In the comments below, or in a blog or Instagram post, share your successes. Don’t forget to mention if the predictions you made earlier in the game came true!  Discuss your favorite parts of the read-a-thon, was it the food, the books, or the commercials?

While I only ended up finishing one book (City of the Lost) thanks to my family’s boisterous viewing of the game, I still found it to be a great success!

Thanks to all who participated!  This just goes to show you can turn any event into a bookish event 🙂

2 Responses to “2018 Big Game’s On Read-a-athon: Postgame”

  1. Lisa Bagdan

    I loved the half time show. I didn’t get to read more than half of The Disaster Artist because I had to get my sister from the airport but I did better than I thought! My son actually started watching the game with me near the end and loved it! He is 4 and hasn’t seen it being played before.

  2. Tanya Patrice

    I ended up watching the game (and commercials) too. But I’m proud to have finished 1 book and made a serious dent in another. It was more like a – pre-game readathon for me 🙂

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