2016 Thankfully Reading Weekend!

November 9, 2016 Thankfully Reading Weekend 32


Egads! Where has the time gone!?

Thanksgiving is just right around the corner. With that comes the dreaded Black Friday (well, now lately, it’s Black Thursday, too!).

I’m pleased to announce that I will once again be hosting Thankfully Reading Weekend, November 23-27th! Want to avoid the crowds & shopping on Black Friday? Plan on spending a nice, quiet holiday at home? Join us!

Just what is this Thankfully Reading Weekend I speak of?  Here are the details:

There are no rules to the weekend, we’re simply hoping to devote a good amount of time to reading, and perhaps meeting some of our reading challenges and goals for the year. We thought it’d be fun if we cheered each other on a bit. If you think you can join in, grab the button  and add your sign up post to the link-up below. If you don’t have a blog, you can sign up the comments or sign up using a link to your Twitter account or Facebook page!

Want to host a challenge? Email me directly at jennsbookshelf@gmail.com.

We’ll also be checking in on Twitter using hashtag #thankfullyreading. Join in for the weekend or for only a single day. No rules, no pressure!

Stay tuned; more details to come!

32 Responses to “2016 Thankfully Reading Weekend!”

  1. Heather M.

    Need to sign up w/a Twitter link. Meanwhile: @DelMarinDC

    But that means I have to get on the computer and can’t do it from my smart phone (easily). But I WILL!! So excited for a nice LONG weekend I really hope to spend mostly reading, except thanksgiving day when we are with friends and a little family, and if we head to the movies at all. 🙂

    • Jenn
      Twitter: jennbookshelves

      You can sign up at any point, read as much as you like. Zero commitment reading!

  2. Lisa

    So excited to participate again! Minus the day of Thanksgiving I don’t have any plans and the one thing I’m looking forward to doing is reading!

  3. Sarah

    Given that I just finished the Reader Harder challenge, I am completely unencumbered by rules and am so excited to read whatever I want from my TBR. So thank you for putting this together.

  4. Joy W.

    I have a book club meeting on Saturday and have to take my daughter back to college on Sunday, but Friday and evenings/nights will be great reading time! I have a couple books to finish for November and two big ones for December.

  5. Heather M.

    OK… left my twitter URL, hopefully the correct way. No idea, since I’ve never left it and I don’t have a website/blog to enter. We’ll see! Either way, yay for Thankfully Reading weekend, starting tomorrow? @DelMarinDC

    • Jenn
      Twitter: jennbookshelves

      Yay! Thankfully Reading starts Wednesday (of course, you could always start tomorrow!)

  6. Colleen Burns

    Whoops spelled my name with only one L, well either way I’m excited!

  7. Gem

    Stoked to get my reading on! I’ll be most likely on Twitter and now Litsy! @sweetnbittergem and GemintheRough (Litsy)! Hope to see everyone around!

  8. SuziQoregon

    The weather forecast looks like our usual busy weekend of Christmas decorating might be limited to only the indoor stuff. If that forecast stays the same I might be signing up on Thursday.

  9. Julie

    I am in…cold weather here. Starting my reading now….have five days of not much planned and lots of time to read! YEAH!

  10. Amy

    Just found you! Long traveling days this T’giving weekend, so I’m excited to join up, at least for Wednesday & Saturday!