Thankfully Reading Weekend 2013

November 4, 2013 Thankfully Reading Weekend 11

Don’t shoot the messenger, but Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away. I’m pleased to announce that I will once again be hosting Thankfully Reading Weekend! Want to avoid the crowds & shopping on Black Friday? Plan on spending a nice, quiet holiday at home? Join us!  Once again this year, Jennifer from Literate Housewife is joining me as my partner in crime.

Just what is this Thankfully Reading Weekend I speak of?  Here are the details:

There are no rules to the weekend, we’re simply hoping to devote a good amount of time to reading, and perhaps meeting some of our reading challenges and goals for the year. We thought it’d be fun if we cheered each other on a bit. If you think you can join in, grab the button  and add your sign in post to the link-up below. If you don’t have a blog, you can sign up the comments or sign up using a link to your Twitter account or Faceboook page!

We’ll also be checking in on Twitter using hashtag #thankfulreading. Join in for the weekend or for only a single day. No rules, no pressure!

Additionally, we will be doing some fun Thankfully Reading mini-challenges over the weekend.  Be sure to check back Thanksgiving weekend for more details! If you are interested in hosting your own  Thankfully Reading mini-challenge or sponsoring a giveaway, please don’t hesitate to contact me at jennsbookshelfATgmailDOTcom.


11 Responses to “Thankfully Reading Weekend 2013”

  1. Anita
    Twitter: anitalovesbooks

    I hope I’ll be reading some of the time, but one daughter will be home, and we may do some shopping. It’s time to get the Christmas lists from the kids!!
    I love the button…gobble gobble!!

  2. Julie Merilatt

    I look forward to participating, Jenn! I will also be hosting an informal readathon on Saturday, November 30th to celebrate my birthday. Prizes and goodies! So lots of fun things to look forward to during the holiday weekend…

  3. Tif
    Twitter: tiftalksbooks

    I’m in again, but I may not be able to full weekend. Either way, I will be reading as much as I can!!

  4. Emily

    I will be signing up as soon as my post is written. Love this! Hoping to finish Moby Dick this weekend, just over 200 pages left. 🙂

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