Review: The Exiles by Allison Lynn

July 15, 2013 General Fiction, Literary Fiction, Little A / New Harvest, Review 2

  • Hardcover: 336 pages
  • Publisher: Little A / New Harvest (July 2, 2013)
  • ISBN-10: 054410210X
  • Source: Publisher

After realizing their Manhattan lifestyle was far more than they could afford, Nate Bedecker, Emily Latham, and their ten-month-old son Trevor, leave the city and head to Newport, Rhode Island.  Nate was “the only pauper on Wall Street” and Emily worked in advertising. The quiet, relaxed, and more affordable way of life in Newport was just what they needed.

Unfortunately, within hours of their arrival, their Jeep containing all of their valuables was stolen. Forced to cancel all their credit cards, the only money they had was the small amount of cash in their wallets. Despite having the keys to an empty house they now owned, the couple opts to retreat to a hotel and treat their first few days living as tourists.  The recent lost of their vehicle and all their prized possessions is just one of the many things tormenting this young, unmarried couple.

Nate never had what one would refer to as a healthy relationship with his father. The two hadn’t spoken in years, yet the one thing that connects the two is a genetic condition that plagued Nate’s grandfather, one that was likely passed on to his father and Nate himself as well. The disease, which Nate recalls his mother calling “hunting sons” (Huntington’s). Nate almost obsessively monitors his own health and fitness, certain that any changes are an indication of the disease. Still, he shares none of this with Emily.

Emily is host to her own secrets. An act of theft before they left Manhattan torments her; repercussions for her actions may shatter whatever dreams she and Nate had for building a new life in Newport. Like Nate, she keeps her fears and anxiety hidden, the secrets the two keep from one another adding additional stress to an already tumultuous new beginning.

Meanwhile, Nate’s father embarks on his own journey, attempting to return to his family’s old home in Newport to tie up loose ends before the disease takes him as its next victim.

The Exiles is a novel that focuses on many complex issues including honesty, family, trust and more. Emily and Nate aren’t appealing characters because of the lies they keep from one another. Still, readers can’t help feel compassion for these genuine and flawed characters, forced to deal with a reality that fate has dealt them. Lynn’s raw and emotional prose captivates readers, tethering them to this couple as they embark on a journey that is both physical and emotional. While aspects of the story are quite bleak and depressing, a current of positive and hopeful vibes flows beneath the surface, showing that even in the darkest of situations a bit of light shines through.  Highly recommended.

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2 Responses to “Review: The Exiles by Allison Lynn”

  1. Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours
    Twitter: age30books

    “a current of positive and hopeful vibes flows beneath the surface, showing that even in the darkest of situations a bit of light shines through.” This is really important to me because I really don’t enjoy books that are completely dark or tragic. I need some light!

    Thanks for being on the tour Jenn. :)

  2. Kelly

    This was just an okay book for me – as you’ll see in my review, up on the 26th at