Mini-Review: Worth Dying For by Lee Child (Audiobook)

September 7, 2012 Audiobook, Mystery/Suspense, Random House, Thriller 2

  • Publisher: Random House Audio; Unabridged edition (October 19, 2010)
  • ISBN-10: 0307749436
  • Listening Length: 13 hours and 45 minutes
  • Source: Publisher

Hitch-hiking his way to Virginia, Reacher is dropped off outside a desolate small town in Nebraska. He only intends on staying in the town one night but his plans change when he meets an intoxicated doctor at the motel bar.  The Doctor is called by one of the town’s citizens, Eleanor Duncan, asking for the doctor’s help with a bloody nose. The doctor is initially very reluctant to respond to the call but finally submits when Reacher offers to drive him. When he learns the cause of the bloody nose, Reacher decides to track down the woman’s husband and teach him a lesson. Doing so involves him in a decades-long power struggle involving the townspeople and a family of four men, the Duncans. The townspeople have been prisoners, in a sense, fearful to act or speak out against the Duncans for fear of the abuse they would receive as a result.

Reacher’s meddling has the Duncans anxious. They are awaiting a secret shipment from Canada. The shipment has been delayed and their client isn’t very happy and so sends some of his men down to address the problem. In turn, the client’s client sends his own men as well and suddenly a whole group of thugs is snooping around the small town.  To get some of the pressure off their backs, the Duncans blame Reacher for the delay and suddenly Reacher finds himself the target of a number of brutal hit men. Of course, this isn’t anything new for Reacher; he’s been in similar positions a number of times before. That said, Reacher’s life is starting to catch up with him. Typically, he’s quick to recover but he’s still experiencing pain and discomfort from his last physical altercation. That said, nothing can hold Reacher back once he has his mind set on something. The emotional anguish of the townspeople has pierced his hard outer core, leaving Reacher even more bound and determined to put an end to the Duncans.

As with the fourteen previous books in this series, Worth Dying for is an incredibly intense, explosive novel full of action and intensity. As a long-time fan of this series, it was interesting to see a bit of a shift in Reacher’s character (since when has he cared about his physical appearance!?).  Reacher’s character is one that I respected and adored from the beginning. His character is one that never grows dull or boring for he always seems to have the uncanny ability to find himself in trouble.

This is a series I have experienced entirely purely through audio books. Dick Hill, the narrator, is Jack Reacher, his voice the embodiment of  Reacher’s character. Hill’s narration brings the characters to life, his voice alone adds a completely unique intensity to everything he narrates. Listening to this series is truly an experience, for once Hill starts speaking, you become enveloped in the world of Jack Reacher.  Highly recommended!

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  1. Howard Sherman
    Twitter: howardasherman

    I heard Worth Dying For on Audible and have to agree with you that Dick Hill really is Jack Reacher. I’ve read all of my Reacher novels up until Worth Dying For the old fashioned way. I might switch to all audio because of how much I enjoyed Dick Hill’s reading.