Best of 2011: Thrillers

December 27, 2011 Thriller 7

Top Thrillers of 2011

Last week, I shared with you my favorite books of 2011, the Girl Power edition. Next up was the list that was hardest for me to compile, to whittle down.  Thriller is a genre of book I find myself reading more and more, one of my favorite genres overall.

Scandinavian thrillers: I suppose we can thank The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo for the resurgence of Scandinavian thrillers: those books set in Sweden, Iceland, Finland, etc. There were quite a few published this year, but these were my favorites:

It’s genetic: This year I discovered books by father & son, Michael & Daniel Palmer. What a talented family of writers:

And more…

The Informationist by Taylor Stevens-Set in Central Africa, the main character, Vanessa Michael Munroe is a tough, no-nonsense, kick-ass female protagonist.

The Third Rail by Michael Harvey-Set in Chicago, the city I referred to as home for a large portion of my life. Harvey does a tremendous job of getting down into the gritty side of Chicago: the political scandal, religious controversy, and more.

The Ridge by Michael Koryta: I adored Koryta’s So Cold the River and with The Ridge, Koryta continues to write a stunning thriller (with a tinge of the supernatural), a truly unique book.

Fun & Games by Duane Swierczynski : I just discovered this series. It’s fast-paced, gritty…and addictive. I’m looking forward to reading more!

What are your favorite thrillers of 2011? Which ones are you most looking forward to in 2012?

7 Responses to “Best of 2011: Thrillers”

  1. Jen Forbus
    Twitter: jenforbus

    DELIRIOUS was a spectacular debut from Dan. His follow-up is wonderful too. And of course, you already know I love, love, love THE RIDGE. FUN & GAMES was wonderful and, well, fun. 😉

    Also on my list of thriller favs: YOU’RE NEXT (Gregg Hurwitz), THE TWO DEATHS OF DANIEL HAYES (Marcus Sakey), LONG GONE (Alafair Burke), DOMINANCE (Will Lavender), HOUSE DIVIDED (Mike Lawson), and SATORI (Don Winslow)…oh, my, looking at this list makes me realize winnowing my favorites list down this year is going to be hard, hard, hard…and I need to do it before Friday!

    • Jenn
      Twitter: jennbookshelves

      It was tremendously difficult to narrow them down! Originally I had planned on posting entire list but soon realized there was no way anyone would read the entire thing! TWO DEATHS OF DANIEL HAYES was another favorite of mine, as was SATORI….egads, now I’m second-guessing my own list!

  2. Sandy
    Twitter: youvegottaread

    I’m a big fan of the Michael Harvey series (love Chicago!) and I’d also read anything that Koryta writes. Some of his stuff is better than others…Cypress House was my favorite…but he creates a great atmosphere. One thriller that really caught my attention this year was “The Stranger You Seek” by Amanda Kyle Williams. It is the first in a series with an awesome protagonist.

  3. Lori Strongin
    Twitter: LStrongin

    I swear, I think I’m the only person in the world that couldn’t get into Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I really wanted to like it, since everyone was raving about it so much. But 100 pages in, I couldn’t bring myself to care about any of the characters and I certainly felt my eyes glossing over with all the infodumping about Scandinavian politics.