Review: The End of Everything by Megan Abbott

July 7, 2011 Little, Brown & Company, Reagan Arthur Books, Review, Thriller 6

  • Hardcover:256 pages
  • Publisher:Reagan Arthur Books (July 7, 2011)
  • ISBN-10: 0316097799
  • Source: Publisher

Lizzie Hood & Evie Verner, thirteen years old, are neighbors and best friends, inseparable.  Lizzie adores Evie’s family, including her father & older sister, Dusty. 

One day Evie goes missing; the last Lizzie saw her was at school.  Everyone comes to Evie for answers: Was Lizzie unhappy? Was someone watching her? The only thing Lizzie can recall is a maroon sedan Lizzie saw trailing them a few days prior.

After the police invesigation comes to a stand-still, Lizzie takes things into her own hands.  She begins to investigate her best friend’s life and ultimately wonders just how well she knew Lizzie.

I was inspired to read The End of Everything after Julie (Booking Mama) indicated that I would love it due to the creepy-factor.  When I had the opportunity to meet Meg while in NY for BEA, that sealed the deal. I had to read this book. Little did I know how “creepy” this book would be.

Lizzie & Evie are at an age during which they are discovering themselves: their identity, their sexuality, their individuality.  At this age, they are incredible sensitive to affection or attention from those outside their immediate family.  Unfortunately, Evie’s quest at self-discovery is horribly taken advantage of and distorted.

I wondered about how I would review this book.  It covers some pretty dark subjects, not ones I would often recommend for reading material.  Ultimately, I believe that it was Meg’s writing style, the way she was able to detail the story through the voice of a teenage girl, that really lead to the impact of this story. Lizzie began her story, somewhat naive to the world, ultimately growing & maturing by discovering the secrets her best friend had kept long hidden. These secrets, and their outcome, force Lizzie to deal with scenerios no child should have to deal with, especially at such a sensitive age.

While I wouldn’t recommend this book to the sensitive or weak of heart , this would make quite the book club discussion. Additionally, while the characters are teenagers, I would not recommend that a teen read this alone.  It does cover a topic youth should be cognizant of, but not without the ability to discuss it with an adult. 

The impact of this book is lasting; I continue to feel for the characters days after finishing the book. Highly recommended (with caution).

6 Responses to “Review: The End of Everything by Megan Abbott”

  1. Kay

    I’ll keep your caution in mind, though I’m betting I will be a big fan of this one as well. It sounds like it. I had pre-ordered this one for my Kindle and look forward to reading it next, I think. 🙂

  2. Beth(bookaholicmom)

    I was very curious about this book. I don’t usually read “creepy” books but this one has my curiosity piqued for sure! I am going to make an exception and read this one!

  3. Kelly
    Twitter: kellyleonard

    Spot on review, Jen, well done. The End of Everything is an amazing novel that leaves one thinking about the characters and the story for days after reading. Difficult subject matter deftly handled by a talented writer.