Review & Giveaway: Thunder and Blood by Stacey Voss

October 27, 2009 Current Giveaways, Review, Thriller 36

  • Paperback: 230 pages
  • Publisher: Donner Publishing (April 27, 2009)
  • ISBN-10: 0981251609
  • Source: Author

    Two sisters, Sarah and Christine, are on their way to a girl-only weekend at a luxurious spa.  Sarah walked in on her husband and her neighbor/friend having an affair and needed a weekend to get away and attempt to heal her severely battered self-esteem. So, they decided to make a short trek across the Canadian border into the United States. 

    Their road trip started off without a hitch.  But shortly into the trip, a thick fog begins to roll in.

    What normally was a vista of rolling hills, majestic forests, and lush farmland, was now obscured by a thick mantle of mist.  The vapours were sliding over the hood and widnshield of the car like blankets of silk and the combined effect was eerie.

    As they drove through the thick fog they noticed the road had become rougher. They spot a light in the fog and decide to pull over.  The light was coming from a small, rustic-looking house.  The sisters head up to the house and are greeted by a couple, Gerwin and Elke.  As soon as Sarah and Christine stepped into the house, it was as though they were taking a step back in time. The house was lit by an old oil lantern and the furniture was hand-crafted.  The modern convenience of indoor plumbing was also lacking, the girls soon discovered after deciding to stay overnight at the couple’s home.  The girls asked questions about the couple’s background and the responses were always quite vague.

    The next morning, the girls pack up again and prepare to head out.  They ask for directions back to the main road and again, the responses they receive are very vague.  Gerwin simply suggests that they head back the way they came. Sarah and Christine follow his advice and are once again on their way.  The decided there was no sense in attempting to go to the spa, so they attempt to head back home.

    Their plans are thwarted when the car begins to shutter and rolls to a stop.  Christine soon discovers that Sarah has come down with a fever and offers to go and look for help. Before doing so, Sarah attempts to use her cell phone to call for help but she is unable to get a signal.  So Christine heads out to look for help.  Sarah, lethargic due to her fever, curls up and quickly falls asleep.

    Sarah awakens to find that Christine has not returned. She starts blaring the horn in the hopes that someone hears her. She turns on the radio and gets nothing but static.  She is startled when someone knocks on the car window. She rolls down the window and is greeted by man with a relaxed tone of voice.  His name is Hillard and claims he was camping in the woods. When he heard the sound of the car horn, he walked over to see what the commotion was all about.

    Hillard convinces Sarah to get out of the car and agrees to help her look for her sister. As they begin to walk down the road, Sarah notices a piece of broken plastic on the ground: the cell phone she’d given to Christine before she headed out on her trek.

    Meanwhile, Christine has awoken in a cell with a dull, aching head. She learns from her cell-mate that she is in the dungeon of a man known as Lord Radek.  Before she can learn more, she is pulled from her cell and taken to Lord Radek.

    Radek informs Christine that she was found wandering the road by a few of his men.  Radek further confuses Christine by referring to her as a “new visitor from the fog” and a gift to him. Christine is rewarded with nicer accomodations: a sleeping room full of large ornate furnishings.

    Separated, Sarah and Christine soon learn that they are no longer in the world in which they were familiar. The fog was a gate to another world, one led by vampire lords.  The currency is blood; visitors that pass through the fog are offered up as gifts to Lord Radek. They soon learn they are trapped in this world forever, and must fight to protect their lives…and their souls!

    Thunder and Blood is a chilling and addictive read. The detailed characterization instantly draws you in and makes you feel a part of the story.  Lord Radek, while he is considered the villian in this tale, is intoxicating. Voss’s writing is intoxicating as well. It is easy to become absorbed in this book.  I certainly did! I read it in one sitting!   What I loved most was the vampire aspect of the story.  They aren’t the sparkly vampires of the Twilight books, but true vampires!  Therefore, I highly recommend this for fans of “real” vampires!

    Stacey will be stopping by Jenn’s Bookshelves periodically throughout the day, so please feel free to ask her any questions!

    Now on to the giveaway!  I have a signed copy of Thunder and Blood available for one lucky reader!  For five-runners up, I have an autographed bookmark!

    To enter the contest, ask Stacey a question or answer the following question: Who is your favorite literarly vampire?  I promise not to delete your comment if you respond with “Edward!”   Tweet and/or blog about it for extra entries.  Leave a comment with each of your extra entries with a direct link to your blog post/tweet.   Contest ends at midnight Eastern Time on Saturday, October 31st. 

    This contest is now over!

    36 Responses to “Review & Giveaway: Thunder and Blood by Stacey Voss”

    1. Kimberly

      What was your process for choosing the character names?

      No need to enter me, have a copy. And Lestat has always been my favourite vampire.

    2. Stacey Voss

      I decided that I wanted old German names, so I searched on the Internet for some that I liked. The non-German names I grabbed from baby-name sites.

      I want to apologize to everyone for being late today. I was in emergency for four hours. Alive but H1N1 infected. Joy!

    3. Stacey Voss

      My first draft was written during Nanowrimo 2007. I took a story that had been in my mind for about ten years and brought it to life. Basically, the first draft took 30 days.

    4. Stacey Voss

      Hi JoJo,

      Well, I’m just happy that they’ve both read it. My hubby finally got around to reading it all in one go in June and my daughter just finished it at the end of September. They’ve both been super supportive though. My daughter, Paige, has gotten most of her friends to read it and my husband supported my staying home to market (although my health had a lot to do with that).

    5. A. F. Stewart

      Well, excluding my own vampire characters because I’m biased about their fabulous nature, I would have to say my favourite vampire is the original, Dracula. Of course I haven’t read Thunder and Blood yet.

      And speaking of, Stacey, I was wondering did your characters develop how you first envisioned or did they take unexpected turns?

    6. Carla

      Hi, Stacey!
      Why did you chose vampires as theme for your book? I’m not complaining, I love vampires.
      My favorite vampire… It’s a hard choice. But I’ll say Lestat.

    7. Stacey Voss

      My characters took some unexpected turns. I think that’s what I like about writing during Nanowrimo – the fact that I don’t have time to think about what my characters are doing, they just do what they want. I had no idea that Radek had a sensitive side (weird as it was) or about the ending of the book. I think that’s one of the things I love most about writing – having a story flow out of my fingers.

    8. Stacey Voss

      Hi Carla,

      I don’t know that I consciously chose vampires as a theme – they more just kind of came with the story. I loved Ann Rice when I was younger (but probably the Mayfair Witches more than the vampire chronicles). I was never really all that obsessed with the vampire genre as a whole, but it seemed like the right fit for the beginning of the story and it all seemed to come together nicely.

    9. karen k

      HI Stacey,

      Are you currently writing a new book? Any hints as to what it’s about?

    10. Care
      Twitter: BkClubCare

      How about a non-vampire question for the author? Who (if you have one?) is your favorite NONfiction author? and/or book if that’s easier?
      I’ve only read two vampire books: Twilight and Iview with a Vampire. My favorite has to be Louis de Pointe du Lac because I think of Brad Pitt.

    11. Care
      Twitter: BkClubCare

      and OH! I hope you feel better soon and are on to a fast recovery! flu=ugh.

    12. Stacey Voss

      Hi Care,

      Um. Favourite non-fiction? Couldn’t really say? I try to avoid most non-fiction because I like to escape into what I know is non-reality.

    13. Stacey Voss

      Hi Karen, (I missed your comment up there)

      Starting on Sunday, I’ll be working on the sequel to Thunder and Blood, called Thunder and Ice. There’s a preview of Thunder and Ice at the end of the first book and you can get it free as a pdf by going to the website and requesting it in the comments section.

    14. Donna S

      Sounds like a good book.

      What made you want to write about vampires?

      And all in all my favorite has always been Dracula himself.

    15. Laura

      Have you always written or is it something that you kind of grew into?
      And, I’m an old-fashioned kind of gal. I like Dracula.

    16. Jenners

      First of all, the cover is super freaky!

      Second, the description just sounds to cool and freaky and scary!

      Seems like a perfect book for this time of year!

    17. Jenners

      Forgot to answer the question: Edward! (but before that Lestat). yes … I am appropriately embarrassed by saying “Edward.”

    18. Terri

      This books sounds like a book I would love to read and I really dig the cover!

      My favorite is the original Dracula!

    19. Robyn

      It’s hard to pick just one favorite vampire! There are many good ones out there.

      I’m gonna go with a more recent vampire, instead of Dracula, and one who is a little less popular than Edward Cullen, though in my opinion, much hotter. My favorite vampire is Lucius Vladescu from Jessica’s Guide To Dating On The Dark Side.

      Robyn :)

    20. Geri

      I have never read a novel which had a vampire as a character so I have no favorite. Perhaps this will be my first…and favorite..who can tell.

      My question to Stacey. Would your book be a good starting point for a literary vampire novice?

    21. April

      Great review, Jen! I loved this so much. I can’t wait for the next one. I completely agree that it is a story that hooks you and doesn’t let you go!

    22. Virginia C

      Hello, Ladies! THUNDER AND BLOOD sounds quite eerie and chilling–a true thriller. Stacey, have you ever “spooked” yourself with one of your own ideas?

    23. Gef
      Twitter: wagthefox

      Favorite literary vampire? I’ll go with Kurt Barlow from Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot. Very creepy and menacing guy.

      I also tweeted about the contest here.

      As for a question to Stacey Voss, I’m curious about her opinion towards the onslaught of zombies in movies and literature. Do you find the concept to be as rich for subject matter as vampires, or as overdone as vampires? :)