In Which My Son and I Review Horrid Henry & the Mummy’s Curse

October 17, 2009 7-10 years of age, 8-12 years of age, Sourcebooks 23

  • Reading level: Ages 9-12
  • Paperback: 112 pages
  • Publisher: Sourcebooks Jabberwocky (July 1, 2009)
  • ISBN-10: 1402217765
  • Source: Publisher
  • As with the other Horrid Henry books, Horrid Henry and the Mummy’s Curse is made up of four hilarious stories about Horrid Henry’s antics.

    My ten-year old, John, and I decided to do a joint review of the title story The Mummy’s Curse.

    In Horrid Henry and the Mummy’s Curse, Henry is doing what he does best-being horrid and getting into trouble.  Since he is unable to share his toys with his younger brother, Perfect Peter, Henry has been banned from playing with Peter’s toys. Typically, that’s not a problem for Henry.  Who wants to play with Peter’s childish, baby toys?  Well, that changed when Peter won a “Curse of the Mummy” kit from the museum.  It came with a plastic body to mummify, mummy wrapping gauze,  a curse book, amulets, and removable mummy organs!  What little boy wouldn’t love this !?

    Perfect Peter soon finds Horrid Henry in his room and threatens to tell on him. But Henry convinces Peter that he’s not stealing his toy, but trying to protect him from the Mummy’s Curse, the curse that turns people into a mummy.  At first Peter doesn’t believe Henry, but he is convinced after a hilarious exchange with his Mom:

    “Mom, ” said Peter, “Henry says you are a mummy.”

    Mom looked puzzled.  “Of course I’m a mummy,” she said.

    “What?” said Peter

    “I’m your mummy,” said Mom,  with a smile.

    Peter too a step back.

    “I don’t want you to be a mummy,” said Peter

    “But I am one,” said Mom.  “Now come and give me a hug.”

    “No!” said Peter

    “Let me wrap my arms around you,” said Mom

    Peter is certain his Mom has been mummified. He asks Henry to help him remove the curse.  Henry insists they must wrap Fluffy, the cat, in the sacred bandages (toilet paper) so he can be a messanger between this world and the next.   Peter, too, must be wrapped and remain silent for thirty minutes. Henry begins chanting the “sacred spell”

    “By the powers of Horus, Morus, Borus and Stegosaurus!”

    But before the spell can be completed, Henry is discovered by his Mummy, I mean, Mom.  He is grounded from the TV for a month, but since Peter no longer wanted anything to do with his mummy kit, Peter had free reign!

    My Review:

    Francesca Simon, author of the Horrid Henry series, does another outstanding job with this one! Each of the four stories are long enough to tell a good story, but short enough to keep the attention of my two boys.  They love to hear about what sort of trouble is getting into next.  My oldest, John, is still convinced he’s Perfect Peter and his younger brother, Justin, is Horrid Henry.  Justin doesn’t seem to mind!

    As I’ve mentioned in the past, the Horrid Henry books are perfect for any child, boy or girl, in the 7-10 age range. But they are particularly great for reluctant readers. The stories and characters engage them and the text isn’t challenging.

    So, like in the past, I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this, or any of the Horrid Henry series!

    John’s Review:

    I think Henry is a little crazy for telling Peter that their Mom was a Mummy!  He acts like Justin (John’s younger brother), telling you things that are not true.   Horrid Henry was so good at convincing Peter that he was telling the truth. When his Mom said that she was a mummy, she really meant a “Mommy” so that was a little confusing.  Henry was so rude to wrap up Peter and Fluffy!

    I liked this story because I think mummies are interesting.  But I don’t think Henry’s punishment was good. It was a good punishment for Henry to lose his TV privileges, but it wasn’t fair that he still got to play with the mummy kit!  If I had done something like this to Justin (I wouldn’t Mom, I promise) I would definitely get in a lot more trouble! I’d like lose my privileges for a MONTH!

    Stay tuned for more reviews from John!  He’s starting to receive his own review requests, so he’s pretty excited!

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      • Jenn
        Twitter: jennbookshelves

        Actually, he’d probably get a kick out of the now. My youngest loves them as much as his brother!

      • Jenn
        Twitter: jennbookshelves

        In each story, Henry does something horrid. He’s a downright mean and nasty boy. But usually, he receives some sort of punishment or learns a lesson at the end of each story. Sometimes they are pretty light (like in The Mummy’s Curse) and sometimes they are a bit more severe.

    1. Kathy

      Oh my gosh! That totally sounds like something my older sister would have done to me! This book sounds great! I can’t wait to read John’s review.

    2. Natalie
      Twitter: nataliew2

      Oh how fun that your son likes to review books too. I have to beg my son to read! This one sounds like something he would like, I’ll have to find it in the library.
      Great review, I enjoyed reading it!!

    3. Toni

      Most Excellent review! I too want more reviews from both of you. Happy BD John John. Keep up the good work. I am so proud of you. Miss you much. PT Auntie Toni

      • Jenn
        Twitter: jennbookshelves

        Thanks, Toni! He woke up this morning and wanted to know how many “hits” his post had received. I’m creating a monster!

    4. Pam
      Twitter: bookaliciouspam

      That’s a pretty good review and some darn good manners you are showcasing there!

    5. Jen - Devourer of Books

      Great review, both of you! It is fun to hear what John thinks – a different perspective than hearing what an adult thinks! I do agree with John that a different punishment was probably in order, but I’m glad to hear that he won’t be doing anything like that anytime soon!

    6. Bri Meets Books

      Looking forward to seeing more kid reviews! I love the Horrid Henry books, they’re very fun, and you’re right about the reluctant reader bit. There’s even a story in one of the books about how he plans to fake his way to the “top reader” prize at school. His schemes are ridiculous. I’m reviewing one of the titles in a week, so I’ll link to your review.

      And I LOVE how your son said “I wouldn’t Mom, I promise!” in his review. Ha!

    7. Kathy

      I had to come back so I could read John’s review! Glad to see you wouldn’t be mean to your brother like Henry is to his! Keep up the good work, John!

    8. Alexia561

      Enjoyed the review! Love it when two people read the same book and compare their thoughts. Think John did a great job, and maybe he could do guest posts every now and again?

    9. Judy Schu

      I enjoyed the overview and opinions given by both of you in this review. Jennifer, your set up of the situation helped us visualize and move through the story. John, your comments were well spoken and because I am your grandmother, I know they reflect your thoughts. You and your mother are doing a great job of reviewing these books and I hope you can continue. …Of course, this will have to be after homework and other obligations! It sounds as if your brother, Justin, keeps everyone on his/her toes. Great job!

    10. Mel

      Awesome review John! I think this is the perfect book for my son who also love mummies 🙂

    11. April

      LOVE it, Jen!!! I had to laugh at John’s mention about not doing such a thing to his brother. Great review John!! (you too, Jen, lol) Aren’t these books great fun?!

    12. Amanda Schullek

      Awww that was great… John’s review was hilarious. I am so proud of you two! Love you…

    13. S. Krishna
      Twitter: skrishna

      John’s review was great! (And yours was pretty good too Jenn :-)) I can’t wait to read his future reviews, I think it’s so funny he’s getting review requests!

      • Jenn
        Twitter: jennbookshelves

        Haha! Thank you! Yes, John is getting some pretty interesting pitch emails. He’s going to need his own review calendar soon!